Carlos Chan | Photography

Urban Landscapes

Written as an artist statement for the 2014 Summer Lightroom Photography Co-op Exhibition:

I gravitate toward urban landscapes. Often viewed and experienced as something ugly, something to be suffered rather than enjoyed, these man-made spaces have a beauty of their own. Urban landscapes are intrinsically beautiful because they are imbued with order, with so many attempts at a system. One only needs to think of the way street and transportation grids shape a city. These system grids are a boon to a photographer. With them come lines, shapes, textures, perspectives--all elements of a beautiful photograph. But beyond this, urban landscapes are also beautiful because they encompass an endless array for the different elements of a city to come together. At times haphazard, the assemblage that is a city is thoroughly a product of human activity. Urban landscapes remind us then that cities are profoundly human. They are marked by our folly and limitations and by our hopes, desires, and ambition.