Carlos Chan | Photography


Berth, gelatin silver print, 15" x 19", sold as part of the PhillyArtBlog auction that ran 22-24 September 2020.

More about this photo: This photo is a study of an ordinary object’s form. In this case, a passenger ferry boat in Istanbul, one of the many that day in and day out serve the numerous ports in and around that storied, teeming riverside megalopolis of 15 million people. The photo shows the ferry boat at a quiet moment. It had just let off its passengers. And it is just right before it takes passengers anew for its next departure. Thus we see it temporarily detached from its usual function. The detachment however is by no means complete. The skid marks at the bottom remind us so. All the same, at that moment, the boat’s fluid curves, the sweeping shape of its windows, the gentle bullnose shape of its bow, not to mention the studied proportions of its lower and upper decks, all seem to call out to also this: that just perhaps this workaday object was also meant to be beautiful.